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Below are current membership plans that are offered to help start your journey with The Career Mompreneur™. Plans are based on your individual needs. The Platitum membership is all exclusive and includes The Career Momprener MoneyPro™ Framework which can be paid annual or payment arrangements.  In The Career Mompreneur MoneyPro™ you'll receive a money recap level of details of your current month’s spending versus your previous month spending, average spending, and your budgeted spending. With this report you can adjust your spending habits to make sure you’re sticking to your budget. Exclusive to this plan is that it also tracks your assets, liabilities, and net worth month after month, so you can see your wealth growing over time. Our platitum plan is our "Access to Capital" Readiness program to propel your business to that next level in getting access to capital w/our partnered bank (s) or finanical institution of your choice. 

Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • Basic Membership

    Free Plan
    • Select Access to Blog Posts
  • Budget Jumpstart (s)

    Perfect for individuals who want a budget analysis & videos
    Valid for 3 months
    • Done for you budget
    • Financial Coaching Session (accountability partner)
    • Exclusive access to financial blogs & newsletter(s)
    • Financial Tips & Tricks sent directly to email
    • Financial Tools & Calculators
  • Gold Membership (G)

    Done for you full customized financial plan + coaching
    Valid for 3 months
    • Done for you full personal customized financial plan
    • Money Mindset Simulation
    • (2) Financial Coaching Sessions
    • Financial Tools & Calculators
    • *The Career Mompreneur MoneyPro™
    • Financial Education On How to Build Wealth
  • Platinum Membership

    Personal & Business Financial Planning
    Valid for 3 months
    • The Career Mompreneur MoneyPro Done For You Financial Plan
    • 1:1 Financial Coaching business finances
    • Access to Capital Readiness Program
    • Bonus: Access To All Financial Blogs, Tips, & Videos
    • Bonus: Ala Carte Booking & Service Offerings
    • Bonus: Content Sent Directly To Email
    • Unlimited Access To Financial Tools & Calculators
  • Budget Audit+ Coach

    Budget Audit + Recommendation
    Valid for one month
    • Budget and recommendations for improving

*The Career Mompreneur MoneyPlan™ is powered by fisecal*

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