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Finanically Savvy: TCM Financial World & More!

Welcome to TCM Financial Blog!

Denise Ochigbo is a financial coach, speaker, and all-time innovative finance and marketing leader. She founded The Career Mompreneur (TCM) with a mission to teach others how to achieve financial literacy through budgeting, understanding how to build net worth, wealth, investing, and setting financial goals.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance & Accounting, a double Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing, an MBA in Finance, and a Master of Science in Finance & Financial Markets. She has over 13+ years of extensive experience in finance, accounting, marketing, investing, and strategy. Denise is a member of Indy Chamber of Commerce and was inducted into Top Investor. In addition she is a member/partner with the African Global Chamber of Commerce. She is the lead on hosting one of the most profound Global Women in Finance Summit, based in Chicago in May 2023.

Denise was featured in Voyage SanAntonio Magazine in the Hidden Gems Series discussing TCM Financial coaching & planning business to inspire business owners and women to elevate their finances with TCM MoneyPro financial system. In addition, she has been featured in Today’s Purpose Women Business Online Magazine. She has appeared on Shemedia as a partnered company, Each one Teach One Podcast, Getcaughtin Anet Radio Show, and Richey WorkForce Inspires Podcast. She has also given motivational talks and was a sponsored keynote speaker discussing how to build financial wealth & net worth for several conferences such as Chicago Legacy Gala 5th Annual Conference, and a guest speaker for a non-profit organization called Healing Center, as well as at the finance department in DePaul University College of Commerce. She is a wife and mom originally from Chicago, IL who is currently based out of both Chicago, IL and Indianapolis, Indiana.

TCM financial blog and even newsletters is all about educating you on personal and business finance topics. You will find holiday ideas, investing, budgeting, career development, mental & financial wellness topics to provide tips on how to live the life you want with style, grace, and financial sense. We are teaching you how to be the Queen of your finances. We hope you enjoy our content, please feel free to share content on your social media platforms, LIKE & COMMENT! Thank you for taking time to engage with our community!

Are you ready to become financially fit in your personal and business finances?

We create customized financial plans for individuals (inclusive of money mindset, budgeting, savings, debt management, tax planning, investment planning, retirement planning, college planning (if applicable), estate planning, credit planning and more. In addition to the customized financial planning, you will receive 1:1 coaching to hold you accountable in achieving your financial goals. Nothing beats having a financial expert to answer all your questions and work with you on achieving your goals. If you interested in learning more, please book a free 1:1 financial consultation and SUBSCRIBE TO OUR GOLD MEMBERSHIP for individual personal finance.

We also focus on business financial planning, and this is unique for our business clients. We know how important it is for businesses to become profitable. You may be able to get sales in your business, but sales don't equal profits. Therefore, we created a system that helps you to become profitable first. We create customized business financial plans (inclusive of budgeting, savings, debt management, business credit planning, all financial statements (cash flow statement, income statement, and balance sheet) so you can get access to business capital. We also provide personal financial planning because our mission is to educate, empower, and elevate you to financial freedom in both your business and personal finances. If you interested in learning more, please book a free 1:1 financial consultation and SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PLATITUM MEMBERSHIP for business owners.

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