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Descargar Edison 5 Full Mediafire 1




with a following code var a:FileReference = new FileReference(); a.file = new File(Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory()+"/MyAppFolder/demo.mp4"); var req:URLRequest = new URLRequest(); req.url = a.file.nativePath; a.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, ea); a.addEventListener(Event.CANCEL, eb); a.load(); function ea(e:Event):void{ trace(e); } function eb(e:Event):void{ trace("error"); Thank you A: The error means you are trying to access native filesystem functions from within the Flash player. To access filesystem functions, you need to use the ExternalInterface class. You need to register an ExternalInterface for your SWF file. You do this by adding the following line to the top of your code: include flash.external.ExternalInterface; Then your code to access the filesystem looks something like this: public function test():void{ var ext_url:URLRequest = new URLRequest(); ext_url.url = ""; ext_url.method = URLRequestMethod.GET; ext_url.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onFileLoaded);



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Descargar Edison 5 Full Mediafire 1

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