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Running a small, mid-size, or large business is not for the faint of heart.

Even if you have a terrific idea and tons of customers buying your product or service, the financial challenges of running a business can quickly escalate.


While it’s helpful for entrepreneurs to be prepared for those challenges, having solutions in place is even more important.


This is your chance to educate, empower, and elevate your business finances to that next level. If you want to accelerate your progress so you can start investing sooner into your business, this is for you!


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You want to create financial freedom, build wealth, and leave a legacy. You want to be profitable in your business. You want your business to make money while you sleep.

It’s time to go from making sales to becoming profitable. There is a huge difference. Do you struggle with creating your financial projections: cash flow statement, income statement, balance sheet, even budgeting, savings, debt management  and making it all make financial sense?


Don’t worry…’s time to confidently prepare your business budget, financial projections (cash flow statement, income statement, balance sheet), understand all the business financial lingo in simple terms, build business credit, grow savings, and better manage your business finances so you can….confidently live life without worrying or feeling ashamed another day about managing your business finances to get access capital in 90 days or less.


There’s only one problem.

Business Meeting

To achieve financial success in your business, you need to earn more money by getting more sales. Wrong, sales don’t equal profitable business. Some may feel that as a business owner you need to become more educated in business or finance to better manage your business finances. This typically can mean investing in higher education of over $150,000, so you can earn a degree, get a high paying job, and invest into your business. That may work for some, but you are already in business and it’s time consuming to grow & scale your business to the next level.


Time is of the essence as a business owner. I mean, you’ve have taken the leap and started your business. You have been successful all this time over the course of your life. Your time is limited, and you don’t have time to learn another thing. You’re trying to manage a business & full-time job, household, and be a successful business owner all at the same time.

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But, you don’t have time to keep stressing over your business finances, making sales, but not becoming profitable, learning finance on your own or hiring business gurus who are trying to sell you another finance tool or program that keep you stuck in managing your finances. You are worried that your business may not be around for a long time, causing you to panic about being able to build financial wealth and leave a legacy.


Until now, you were only left with a few options:

1. Learn business finances yourself by investing numerous hours and learn how do it manually (huge risk for errors)
2.Accept that you will always be stuck at making sales and not being profitable to hire, grow, and scale your business
3.Hire a financial coach to educate, empower you, and help elevate your business finances to the next level.
I went with option 1,


I was you, learning how to manage my business finances manually on my own. I invested countless years, hours in educating myself in finance, going to undergrad & graduate to learn everything I could about finance (costed me 2 bachelor’s degrees, 3 master’s degrees, numerous certifications) and more doing everything manually. Except, I had a life changing experience when I became a certified tax professional and was preparing taxes for clients realizing that business owners struggled with how to start a business, grow, and scale it while managing their finances in an automated way. Most business owners struggle with personal finances, and it bleed over to business finances and decisions made in the business.


I spent numerous hours educating my tax clients on financial planning (budgeting, creating financial goals, investment, savings, debt management, tax planning, investment planning, retirement planning & more) that I learned that business owners really struggled with the concept of how to properly manage finances, understand finance lingo in simple terms, and become profitable.


However, what I viewed as a struggled for business owners I realized through Corporate America working in a career in  finance, accounting, and later marketing from entry level roles into leadership, owning a business, and learning how to create financial freedom in an automated way was the greatest gem in building wealth and creating a legacy for a family.

I spent years, hours, and seconds learning from the best finance professors at the top universities. I read dozens of books, listen to podcasts, attended conferences, and lived all over the world globally to learn the secrets from the best in the finance industry that I implemented at The Career Mompreneur (TCM) Financial Planning & Coaching business.


Learning how to properly manage finances, budget, save, pay down debt, invest, plan for retirement, and achieve an 800+ personal credit score without ever using credit repair is an essential for my business clients. 


All the secret tips I learned over the course of my career in Corporate America and running a business I  applied to business financial planning membership at The Career Mompreneur aka TCM FinancialCoaching , from sales to profitability in your business.


Now you don’t have to go through the stress of mismanaging your business finances, making sale, and not staying profitable by investing in a long process and spending money all the money I did.

Our results are AMAZING!

Over the course of my career, I learned how women make 80% of financial decisions in the home, but only have 20% financial literacy knowledge, so you can imagine the type of decisions that are being made. If this is you, don’t worry no longer, we are here to help you!

I have written dozens of financial blogs, featured in Discover Financial, featured in Voyage San Antonio Magazine, Todays Purpose Women Business Online Magazine, Getcaughtinanet talk show. Now I am teaching you how to educate, empower, and elevate your finances to the next level.

I am teaching you how budget, build an emergency & rainy day savings and build a future legacy for yourself and family.  It's important that you understand exactly how to go from sales to profitability Also, how to build an 800+ credit score without credit repair. You will learn how to plan for your  future rather its planning a wedding, saving for retirement or savings to grow and scale your business . 


From Corporate Leadership To Financial Business Owner Leadership

Are you ready to elevate your business finances to that next level? 

In our Business Financial Planning Platinum Membership, you’ll get:

*A customized business financial plan (inclusive of personal + business): The Career
Mompreneur Money Pro (inclusive of establishing your financial goals, budgeting,
savings, debt management, investment planning, retirement planning, credit
planning & more!)
*All financial projections to get access to capital (cash flow statement, income statement, balance sheet statement) and all business financial ratios & breakdown to your business so you know exactly what lenders look for when approving access to capital. In addition, we provide financial recommendations for you to execute upon right away.


*Access to capital through our partnership bank
*Access to investment planning through our partnership company

*Financial coaching where we break down all finance lingo and hold you accountable on achieving your financial goals
*Access to TCM Financial Webinars & Live Q&A to help you create financial freedom
in your business
*Tips to save, manage debt, budget so you can stop only making sales in your
business and become & STAY profitable
*Becoming the MVP of your finance’s checklist
*How to build $7000+ in 6 months business savings plan

*800+ personal credit strategies & travel hacks in your business so you can establish business credit
*Discount on TCM Swag Merchandise
*And Much More! Make 2022 and beyond your best year in business yet!

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Hear From Our Clients

The financial coaching session was extremely informative. Denise was able to provide a clear, easy, concise financial plan that my wife and I can  follow.  I recommend everyone looking into the career momprener services for their financial planning.

-Bryson M. via Google Reviews

A very rewarding experience. I am working on the budget that was given so we can have the emergency cash and be able to start some savings toward my retirement.

-Margaret M. via Google Reviews

Go from sales to profitability to access to business capital with a PEACE of MIND! No more stress! Annual Membership: $3,599


Learn More About the Coach

Hello, I am Denise

I am so thrilled to help you learn how to manage your business finances and start getting access to business capital without the stress of the long process. Once you master business financial planning, it’s time to take
your business to the next level and stay profitable.

*Wife + Mom
*MBA in Finance, MBA in Marketing, Master in Finance
*Certifications: Tax Professional, Financial Planning
*Creator of the 1 st Women Owned TCM Business School

*Former Financial Analyst, Finance Leader
*Former Brand Manager & Marketing Ast. Brand Director
*Took a 3 year leave to pursue graduate school, get married, and raise my
*Climb the corporate ladder to leadership as a corporate hero

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


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Platinum Membership
$3,599/year access

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