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What is the The Career Mompreneur (TCM)? 
The Career Mompreneur (TCM) is a for profit financial coaching organization. We strive to support  women on their financial journey as career professionals or as business owners.  We take male clients by referral only. Our mission is to educate, empower, and elevate multiple six figure business clients or career professionals  to financial freedom through educational workshops, webinars, courses, and our signature financial literacy speaking engagements and in the creation of our digital customized financial plans. We cultivate a community that fosters accountable, loyalty, and trust. The Career Mompreneur provides educational and empowering signature talks through our financial workshops and trainings. The Career Mompreneur organization is passionate about our client’s financial journey to financial freedom and leaving a legacy.

Welcome to The Career Mompreneur community that is  filled with culture, travel, fashion, family life, mom life, career, entrepreneurship, unique and engaging content. Explore our site and all that we have to offer to teach businesses and individuals about our Money Pro System on The Power of Financial Wellness using our M.O.M.  (Money Mindset|Opportunities|Money) FRAMEWORK.  to learn how to achieve financial freedom from shifting your mindset about money, setting financial goals, budgeting, debt management, tax planning, credit planning,  retirement planning and more.  Our focus is on business financial coaching where we help businesses effective financially plan and get access to capital. Our secondary focus is on personal financial coaching where we help individuals break down limiting beliefs of money & reach their financial goals.
Perhaps this site will provide new tips on identifying your career, purpose, and parenting strategy all while achieving financial freedom.


The Full Story

What is it that fuels each and every one of us in this world? For me, it is The Career Mompreneur, also known as TCM Financial Coaching.  A mompreneur is a mother who is also employed or operates a business. A mom executive is a mother who also manages a team of professionals in an organization. They don't have to be a business owner, as many working mothers are building their own personal brands while working for another company. Since I got started as a career mompreneur, I have found such a sense of fulfillment in my own life as a career woman in Corporate America, Wife, Mom, Fashionista, Finance & Accounting Guru, Marketing Expert, and Entrepreneur. I enjoy writing about my passions, what interests me, what interests other people, and sharing it with the world. With each passing day, The Career Mompreneur gains more followers, and with that, even more success.

The Career Mompreneur



What’s Available

Woman accountant use calculator and computer with holding pen on.jpg

Gold Membership: $1997

This subscription membership includes the following:

Done for you full personal customized finanical plan

Money Mindset Simulation

Financial Coaching

Financial Education  in *The Career Mompreneur MoneyPro Framework*


Financial Plan Tools:

3 minute Money Map

Retirement Planning

Emergency Fund

Wedding Planner

Net Worth Calculator

Debt Repayment


Platinum Membership: $2997

This subscription membership includes the following:

TCM MoneyPro Done for you Financial Plan

1:1 Financial Coaching 

Access to Capital Readiness Program

Bonus: Access to Financial Blogs, Tips, And Videos 

Content Sent to Email

Ala Carte Booking & Services Offering

Access to Financial Tools + The Career Mompreneur MoneyPro:

3 Minute Money Map

Retirement Planning 

Emergency Fund 

Wedding Planner 

Net Worth 

Debt Repayment 

*Bonus: The Career Mompreneur Financial MoneyPro and  Financial Coaching*

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