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We Have Answers to Your Commonly Asked Questions!

About The Career Mompreneur


  1. Who is The Career Mompreneur? The Career Mompreneur belief is that everyone deserves a chance at financial success regardless of what their income level is or the amount of investments in one’s stock portfolio. Understanding finances and the relationship you have with money is a critical life skillset that most people are not taught at home or in school. Some are taught this life skill, but many are not and that is where The Career Mompreneur steps in. The Career Mompreneur is to help you develop a healthy relationship with money that creates financial freedom for you and your family.

  2. Is The Career Mompreneur looking out for the average Jane or Susan? Yes! We provide the best advice to individuals of all income levels and specialize in helping those that are living paycheck to paycheck to start a financial wellness journey. We also help individuals with variable income (freelances, entrepreneurs etc.)  We are experts at stretching every cent and making money work for you. Our advice is based on the information you share with us about your life, and therefore it’s customized to your unique circumstances.

  3. How is The Career Mompreneur different from other financial budgeting, coaching, planning websites, or apps out there?The Career Mompreneur who mission, and goal is to get you on the path to financial success, whatever that looks like for you. You will be paired with a real life person who is your financial coach. In addition, no matter how much we love technology, we don’t believe in using robots to help you achieve financial success. We want to establish a healthy relationship with money with a coach along the way. Algorithms are very black and white, whereas humans are not. At The Career Mompreneur we are not here to sell you anything but a bright financial future with the right resources to get you there. While other companies or apps have robots with certain requirements and rules, we at The Career Mompreneur can provide you with the help you need, person-to-person, and when life throws you a curveball, because life happens to us all.

  4. Is The Career Mompreneur right for me? Whether you are a newbie, understand budgeting, financial planning, or looking for a second opinion to make sure you are on the right track The Career Mompreneur can help you.                                                   Every situation may not be applicable for our financial coaching services.For example, if you live or have financial accounts outside of the US, haven’t filed tax returns or are in bankruptcy. If you’re unsure if The Career Mompreneur could work for you, schedule a free call with us and we’ll see how we can help you. We are here for you to answer any questions you may have along this journey.

Financial Coaching

  1. What is a financial coach? A financial coach help teach you practical ways to improve your relationship with money management, such as how to build a savings or pay down debt. A financial coach sometimes goes by financial life coach, money coach, financial planner, but the goal is to teach you the basics of personal finance, create a realistic budget, and help you build healthy money habits that improve your relationship with money.

  2. What will a financial coach help me with? A financial coach will help you to start creating a healthier financial journey. Working with your Financial Coach, you will learn how to:

    • Create a budget that truly works for you

    • Develop healthy spending and saving habits

    • Build a strong financial foundation

    • Learn financial literacy

    • Create healthier ways to manage debt and money stress 

    • Leverage a plan that shows you how to improve your overall financial health  

  3. How is financial coaching different from financial planning? Think of a financial        coach as one who help you learn the basics of personal finance, provides a roadmap to     help you view money different and build healthier money habits. Financial planners build on that foundation to achieve long-term wealth. A financial coach focuses on building your financial foundation and knowledge. A financial planner looks at the big picture when evaluating your financial situation and money to ensure you are planning for your entire life.When it comes to goals, a financial coach focuses on how you save for the short-term emergencies vs a financial planner who helps you set and plan long-term goals, for example like retirement planning, purchasing a home, having a baby, or any other major life event.Anyone can call themselves a financial planner or financial coach so it’s important they have the education and designations to back up experience. The Career Mompreneur will pair you with a financial coach regardless if you pick financial coaching or planning.

  4.  How much does The Career Financial Coach Cost?  The Career Mompreneur financial coach is here to help you learn how to manage your money as quickly as possible with providing peace of mind that you will overcome your financial fears by being paired with a financial coach. You’ll will be paired with a dedicated financial coach, who will meet during your free introductory call and will work with you throughout your financial journey with us. 


For just $9.99 per month in our silver membership plan, you’ll be able to purchase a detailed budget analysis and pick from our ala carte services at an additional cost service(s) that are needed specifically for you. You will receive exclusive blog content & tips, content sent to email, access to YouTube financial videos, all financial calculators available on site for you to use, and a customized budget analysis. 


Cancellation policy: You can cancel at any time, but it will not go into effect until the end of the paid period. In addition, access to materials or a financial coach will no longer be available for you. 


Included in your Budget Analysis is the following: a monthly money recap, which compares your current month’s spending versus your previous month spending, average spending, and your budgeted spending. With this report you can adjust your spending habits to make sure you’re sticking to your budget. 


Advance Financial Planning


1.What is the purpose of a financial plan and do The Career Mompreneur offer them?

       A Financial Plan provides the following: 

  • A more detailed analysis than a budget. The budget will help you understand your current state and outline how you can reach your financial goals. 

  •  A consists of financial plan contains an overview of your assets, liabilities, income, expenses. In addition, the plan will include a Financial Health Analysis; Goal Analysis (if applicable); and recommendations for improving your financial health. 

  • The Career Momprenur financial plan goes beyond the traditional financial plan by explaining in an easy way all the financial lingo to help you better understand how it impacts your financial journey. 

2.How do The Career Mompreneur help me plan for my financial goals?

The Career Mompreneur knows that the amount of money you save right now into the future need to be as close as possible to what you would eventually need. Of course, no one can predict the future, but we use a Monte Carlo Stimulation (a system that tells you what you should save today to achieve your goals tomorrow) that gets us close. The Monte Carlo stimulation consist of thousands different portfolio stimulations that help direct us on a savings amount that could we need to obtain to meet your savings goal (s) in over 70% of the stimulated portfolios. 

3.How much does The Career Mompreneur Financial Plan cost? Our financial plans are designed to help you overcome your financial fears and anxiety about finances by connecting you with a dedicated financial coach, who you’ll meet with during your free introductory call and will become yours throughout your stay with us.

For just $99.99 per month, you’ll be able to purchase a Financial Plan and get paired with a financial coach (this is a great value deal for you at less than ¼ the monthly cost of retaining a traditional financial planner). You will have monthly financial coaching sessions to help you achieve your financial goals. Plus, unlimited content blogs & tips, videos, access to all the financial calculators you need, and email support means we are always here to help.


Refund & Cancellation policy: You can cancel at any time after 3 months of services rendered, but it will not go into effect until the end of the paid period. In addition, access to materials or a financial coach will no longer be available for you. 


Along with Financial Plan, you’ll receive a monthly money recap, this level of detail will provide a snapshot of your current month’s spending versus your previous month spending, average spending, and your budgeted spending. With this report you can adjust your spending habits to make sure you’re sticking to your budget. Exclusive to this plan is included, that it also tracks your assets, liabilities, and net worth month after month, so you cans see your wealth growing over time.


The Career Mompreneur is focused on helping you succeed financially and achieve your future goals. So, if you feel like that the pricing won’t work for your financial situation, or looking for financial advice without the financial plan, please check out our ala carte services and book a service(s) that you feel fits you best. In addition, you can schedule a free consultation for a financial coach to assess your situation and see how we can help you achieve financial success.


Security & Confidentiality 

1.Is what I tell The Career Mompreneur and team confidential?

The Career Mompreneur recognizes that our relationships with our current and prospective clients are based on integrity, trust, and commitment to keep your interests at the forefront, so we work very hard to maintain your privacy and to preserve the private nature of our relationship with you. We put value on all information provided to us: Financial Pro Profile, your personal background information, and entire financial situation. The Career Mompreneur will not disclose your personal information to anyone (including family members) unless it is required by law or at your direction. Additionally, our Financial Coach adhere to the Finra series and CFP Conduct, which has the client’s best interest at heart.  You can also check out our Private Policy, Sharing Private Policy, Terms of Use, and Client Agreement for additional information on our privacy and confidentiality policies.

2.Is it safe to link my accounts with The Career Mompreneur? Yes, for sure. The Career Mompreneur uses 256-bit encryption, the same trusted level of protection used by banks. For example, The Career Mompreneur is like a main dashboard where you can view all your accounts at once; no financial transactions can be made on your end or our end within our platform. The Career Mompreneur is not able to access your accounts or withdraw funds from the accounts you’ve connected to our system. Also note, that we do not store your log-in information for any financial institution.

3.Can The Career Mompreneur give tax advice? We don’t offer tax services currently. Your financial coach may speak to you about your tax withholding if adjustments need to be made so you don’t owe the government at the end of year or if you need more money included in your monthly income.  

4.Can The Career Mompreneur help me with my investment portfolio advice? We are not authorized to give investment advice and do not offer investment services at this time. 

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