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6 Creative Revenue Streams for Mompreneur Side Hustles

Are you a stay-at-home mom or career professional with a passion for side hustles? You are in the right place.

After hours of research, we have successfully crafted this article to help all the passionate mompreneurs create multiple revenue streams with side hustles. Here are six creative ways that require little to no investment at all:

1.    Freelance Work

Freelancing has taken the world by storm, especially after the pandemic. It is one of the best ways to set up revenue streams, and for a mompreneur, it is the most accessible. You can start from home, work from home, and count dollars from home.

It is a big industry for freelancers. You can decide to be a designer, developer, QA analyst, or content writer based on your skills and qualifications. After that, you can rotate the message in your friend circle that you are freelancing, approach online freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, build a profile, and start finding clients. If you are lucky, you can find one in no time, but you will eventually, even if not immediately.

2.    Virtual Assistant

Another excellent opportunity for moms to establish a side hustle is by being a virtual assistant. It is like a normal assistant but online. You have to help clients by taking care of their administrative tasks, email management, data entry, scheduling, and more.

Although it takes time to build a clientele, once you get there, the income is pretty steady and remarkable.

3.    Photo and Videography

If you have a keen eye for visuals and know how to capture the moment, this job will be perfect for you. Nowadays, you don’t even need a professional camera. Most phones of today have enough power to shoot high-quality photos and videos; you must have a decent phone, right? Even if you don’t, don’t worry; you can get a mid-level phone and buy a high-end iPhone or Samsung when you start making money. You can create social media pages, capture photos, make videos in daylight and nighttime, and sell them online.

4.    Voice-Over Work

Many companies and TV channels hire voice-over artists for commercials, introductory videos, audiobooks, training, and whatnot. If you have a clear voice, you can surely audition for such tasks. Several companies schedule on-site auditions, but you can also do it at home.

5.    Online DIY Selling

If you like to craft, knit, and crochet, you must know that your skill is highly valuable to many people. There are many buyers of DIY products like baby clothes, scarves, drawer separators, small tables, decorations, and more. This hobby of yours can really turn into a revenue stream if you use it wisely.

6.    Bookkeeping

OK, this is a bit boring, but if you have done accounting or are good with math, you will love this work. Bookkeeping is basically managing finances, invoices, payroll, and any other money-involved matters for small or medium-sized businesses or individuals. Most of the time, you won’t even need a certificate, but a few good ones in hand can increase your credibility.


So, that’s it from us today. We encourage every mompreneur to work hard and never feel down. These jobs will help you establish an excellent money-making business; all you need is some motivation and resilience. Good Luck!


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