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Is Work-Life Balance a real thing? Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs to find balance.

Over the past decade, more women have taken charge of the workforce, reducing the gender gap in established business ownership. In fact, nearly one in three entrepreneurs running a successful organization is a woman.

Moreover, one in six women worldwide reveals wanting to start a business. However, many women refrain from launching a startup due to challenges in attracting funding, facing criticism, and maintaining a work-life balance.

The enormous pressure of performing well at work while facing additional challenges in spousal care, childcare, and housework creates invisible barriers. If you’re wondering whether expecting work-life harmony is realistic, we have some fantastic tips for you!

Here are several tried-and-tested strategies for women entrepreneurs seeking a balanced life:

1.    Create Realistic Expectations

As an entrepreneur or even as a career professional, it’s tempting to devote all your time to growing your venture. After all, if you want to create a successful business, you should work day and night, right?

While launching a startup requires extensive effort and time, there are times when your family, friends, and health require attention. If you struggle to prioritize your tasks, consider how you want your life to look and set boundaries.

Moreover, focus on creating flexible expectations and tell yourself you don’t have to manage everything simultaneously. When you’re realistic about your boundaries and expectations, you’ll reduce the stress of achieving balance in your life.

2.    Be On and Off the Clock

Launching a business means working or thinking about a business activity. Whether it’s an upcoming meeting or a product creation challenge, your mind works 24/7.

However, this can cause burnout, affecting your ability to perform well and innovate. So, instead of devoting all your time to working, set hours for personal and family time. You can use this time to meet a friend, have a fun family dinner, or reconnect with nature, but remember to leave work behind.

3.    Learn to Care for Yourself

The best decision for your business is to care for your mental and physical health. Being a woman entrepreneur is a demanding and, often, isolating journey, so spending some ‘me’ time is essential. 

When you set time to care for yourself, you give your body and mind a new environment and space, relieving the stress of working and boosting your creativity. With limited hours in a day, allocate a couple of hours to exercising, socializing, and relaxing.

While you incorporate this into your busy schedule, you’ll notice a positive impact on your lifestyle and business performance!

4.    Know when to Say ‘No’

Being an entrepreneur means knowing when to say no and yes. With all the responsibilities and stress involved in growing a female-led business, it’s easy to grow overwhelmed.

Saying ‘no’ when you’re overburdened and ‘yes’ to help isn’t a sign of failure; it’s a symbol of your strength and the ability to know what your business needs to succeed. It can mean hiring someone to clean your home, delegating a challenging task, or turning down a time-consuming project.

Spending your time and energy on projects or business activities that aren’t beneficial will leave you burnt out and unable to work on priority tasks. So, practice saying ‘no’ when things don’t align with your goals.

The Bottom Line

As the business world grows competitive, losing yourself in everyday tasks and comparisons is far too easy. These habits are self-destructive, hurting your strengths and hampering your creativity.

So, instead of overburdening yourself, learn to outsource tasks outside your expertise and make time for yourself and your loved ones. Take charge of your business and become access to capital ready and enjoy work-life harmony with our insightful business financial coaching.

With our tailored finance coaching program, we’ll take the stress of growing a business and achieving financial freedom off your shoulders.

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